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Learn The Market Profile with OddsTrader

Odds Market Profile Series

    Odds is BACK for the Second ever running of the Market Profile Series. After receiving incredibly positive feedback from his first profile series, he is prepared to bring even more to this Series, more in market trading, more DOM, and homework and tests for participants. This is a very intense 9 weeks, with a week break for review and digestion. At the end of this series, you will have professional understanding of entering and exiting trades solely based off the profile, no need for additional charts.

    Odds removes the hindsight from the Profile, spending multiple hours with participants during the open and during the highest volatile times during the day. His approach is to talk through nuances real time and taking and placing trades to give people the confidence and understanding of chunking the information provided by the market. By the end, you will understand what is profoundly important when observing the markets nuance for context.

    Market Profile is the most powerful tool in trading. It allows us to better understand the market at a deeper level then just trends and levels. Often, Odds has been asked Where to start? What book to read? Who to trust? His approach is to be the starting, and end point for new and seasoned profile traders.

    This will be an 8-week series that will bring any traders level of understanding of the Market Profile to a professional level. You will NOT require any previous experience with market profile to benefit from this series. We will cover the very basics of the market profile at first and move our way into advanced professional level nuances Odds looks for daily.

    Odds has developed his own unique approach to Market Profile combining all the essentials of price, time, and volume. Using the profile to trade ES, RTY and NQ, we will discuss each market’s unique set up, and their unique nuances to help you develop your edge over the market of your choice. RTY and ES will be our focus, although NQ will be discussed periodically.

    The number one questions Odds receives in relation to market profile is, “How do you enter and exit trades?” By the end of this series, that question will have been answered and your confidence in executing will be at a professional level.

    Included in the price is the 6-hour pre-recorded Odds Market profile series to help new traders to the profile get a solid grasp of the foundation of profile and will work as a back stop for the 8-week series.

    Context is everything, Odds will show you the basic nuances of profile (example - poor/weak references) and build into the most advanced professional nuances within pure order flow combined with the DOM, to get the most out of your trading. When do nuances matter? Which nuance matters more? Multiple nuances?? What do I do? These questions will be clearly and definitively answered throughout.

    At the end of this 8 weeks, you will have an elite professional level of understanding of the Market Profile to use in your everyday preparation, and trading. The goal of this series is to share Odds personal approach to understanding the Market Profile in its purest form. He intends to enable you to take this newfound knowledge and develop your own edge over the market to become a successful trader.

    This will be a professional setting. Please remember to be courteous to all participants. Limited seats will be made available.

    There will be over 50 hours of instruction which include –

    • 6-hour Odds Market Profile series pre-recorded webinars.
    • Pre-Market report for context
    • Trade Plan daily
    • Homework and Tests to ensure the material is being absorbed.

    45-50 hours (approx. 1-1.5 hour a day, 5 days a week for 8 weeks)

    • Basic parts of the series will be done outside market hours. (1 hour after close) As the series moves into professional level of understanding, during market hours webinars will take place. All webinars will be recorded and available to participants.

    1 hours a week of pure Q&A (Tuesday- Friday 30 min)

    • If your question is not answered during the day’s session. All questions will be answered during these periods.

    A detailed schedule will be released 2 weeks prior to the start of the series to help you plan around your daily schedule to attend.

    Sign up today to reserve your spot and receive the pre-recorded Odds Market Profile series 2 weeks prior to our start date to get your head start.

    The DATES this will run –

    • Start Date – March 15th
    • Break Week – April 12th – 16th.
    • End Date – May 14th
    • COST will remain $800 for the entire course.

    If you sign up, be prepared to put in the time and work to review and attend webinars. All webinars are recorded and sent out day of, so if you cannot attend all or any of the live webinars, you will still benefit from the Series.

    Each participant receives the recorded webinars at the end of the series to keep.


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