Mentoring & Accountability Group

The Group & Trading

The Pit Mentoring and Accountability Group is a sub-membership within The Pit Futures Trading Community. Focusing on the following tools, utilizing order flow, to become consistent profitable Traders:

  • The Footprint (Orderflow)
  • Volume Profiles (HVNs & LVNs over various lengths of time and by session)
  • Market Profile (Market Structure & Levels)
  • Bollinger Bands (Value and Mean Reversion)
  • Time & Sales and DOM (Pulling / Stacking, Market Orders Strength and Weakness, Orderflow)

Beyond the trading tools we use, we focus on identifying Risk / Reward prior to putting on a trade, Execution, Risk Management, Focus and Discipline.

Our Group has a private chat and voice channel within The Pit open for discussion 24 hours daily. Shared trade execution screen during RTH as well as GBX (when trading GBX). All meetings are recorded in case Members cannot attend in person. There are Open Group Discussion times set in the schedule so Members can openly speak about anything not normally covered during normal scheduled meetings.

All meetings are recorded, not RTH or GBX, and made available within minutes after the meetings are over. These are placed in a shared Google Drive and only available to Members of the Group.

PMAAG Meeting Schedule (click to enlarge)


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