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Order Flow

The Pit Futures Trading - 5 Years and Running!

The Pit started as a Futures Trading Community that focused on learning Order Flow through use of various tools. Over the years we have seen our community take various forms, but we have never gotten away from helping others learn how to trade or learn a new style of trading. From our Seasoned Veterans to our Newest Traders, we are all constantly learning from each other and refining our skill sets. Beyond Futures Contracts we have Traders trading Equities, Options and even Crypto. It is quite the eclectic group!

Early on The Pit took on many different identities. From a strict educational Discord server to more of a Country Club Type feel. We talked about anything, we traded, and we horsed around quite a bit. As the years have gone on The Pit has taken on a more serious approach to trading and keeps the discourse centered on Trading and learning. You won’t find anyone in our group not interested in sharing or learning from one another.

Now The Pit is known as The Pit PMAAG. Where PMAAG stands for Pit Mentoring and Accountability Group. When we adopted this acronym, we shed half or better of our membership. Those that wanted to solely focus on trading stuck around and those that were more in it for the entertainment left. Now we are roughly 135 Members strong and growing. I could not be happier with the group of amazing Traders we have assembled in The Pit.

As far as daily routine goes… each morning I am cranking up the ES and NQ Live Screens at 7AM CST to give a premarket game plan for the day. Once RTH starts I, as well as others, start calling out what they are seeing and potential trade setups. When I put on a trade everyone in The Pit knows it and they know why I took the trade. They know where my target is and when I exit and why I exited the trade. If more detail is needed on the trade someone is bound to ask and I will give a detail explanation of the specifics that led to the trade entry and trade exit. If even further details are requested The Pit hosts multiple weekly webinars where Members area always welcome to ask anything they want.

In Trading there are a million ways to get it done. The Pit has Fibonacci Traders, Pivot Traders, Market Profile Traders and honestly many more styles of Traders. I, as most do, focus on Order Flow and these are the tools I use day in and day out:

  • Time & Sales and DOM (Pulling / Stacking, Market Orders Strength and Weakness, Order Flow)
  • The Footprint (Order Flow, Buy / Sell Imbalances, Faded Volume, Completed Auctions)
  • Volume Profiles (HVNs & LVNs over various lengths of time and by session)
  • Market Profile (Market Structure & Retail Short Time Frame Levels)
  • Bollinger Bands (Value and Mean Reversion)

Beyond the above trading tools used, we focus on identifying Risk / Reward prior to putting on a trade, Execution, Risk Management, Focus and Discipline.

So The Pit has come a long way since I started it 5 years ago. It has aged beautifully and is only getting better.

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