The Pit Futures Trading - 5 Years and Running!

We are a community of Futures, Equities and Options Traders. Many of us have been trading for 3 or more years together. Some of us have been here for over 5 years. Many more are brand new to The Pit. We come from all over the world and almost every style and methodology of trading is represented in our group.


From Around The World!

Checkout some of the amazing places our Members call home:

UK, Germany · Australia · Spain · France · Sweden · Austria · India · Transylvania · China · Canada · Ireland · Croatia · Nova Scotia · Hungary · South Africa · USA

... a diverse and amazing group of Traders and our world reach grows daily!

Premarket and RTH

Every trading day from 7AM CST to 3PM CST I run my ES Trade Screens on Zoom and my NQ Trade Screens on Discord Screen Share. Premarket I give my trade plan along with anything else I feel important headed into RTH. During RTH I provide market commentary and walk through what I am looking for to put on a trade along with risk and profit targets. You will know what I am looking at before, during and when taking off my trades. Many Members share their trade details in the Discord Chat Channels as well.

However, The Pit is not a Trade Alert Service. By nature of sharing my screens for both NQ and ES and where I am looking to put on a trade or take off a trade, you will be alerted each and every trade I take. However, I do not predict direction and I do not tell people when and where to put on or take off a trade. That being said, if asked, many Pit Members will give their opinion about trade location and risk vs. reward. Please familiarize yourself with the Community Rules and Disclaimer Page.

Order Flow and Trade Tools

These are the tools I use and how I read the order flow of the markets. While I am familiar with much of what is out there, this is what I use to call the markets and put on / take off trades.

  • Time & Sales and DOM (Pulling / Stacking, Market Orders Strength and Weakness, Order Flow)
  • The Footprint (Order Flow, Buy / Sell Imbalances, Faded Volume, Completed Auctions, POCs, Bar Delta)
  • Volume Profiles (HVNs & LVNs over various lengths of time and by session)
  • Market Profile (Market Structure & Retail Short Time Frame Levels)
  • Bollinger Bands (Value and Mean Reversion)


From the very beginning The Pit has been about educating and helping others navigate Futures Markets. Whether you are brand new to trading or a seasoned veteran, you are constantly learning how to trade Futures. We have retired Floor Traders, who know more than anyone about trading, and still learning in The Pit. We have New Traders learning on Micros or SIM as well. To that end, we hold weekly, normally 4x a week, open group webinars where anyone can come and ask questions or share knowledge or just listen, watch and learn.

The Culture

The Pit is a meeting place comprised of hundreds of members. Our members define our culture. The foundation of our culture is based on providing a helping hand to each other. All Traders meet challenges and our community brings years of experience to help when someone needs that helping hand or instruction to bring their trading to another level. We keep the side chatter to a minimum and try to stick to trading and trade related topics. The mood is light and we have fun doing what otherwise can be a very lonely and boring job.