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Apex Trader Funding Special Pricing

Apex Trader Funding has offered The Pit Membership and amazing discount on their Evaluation packages. If you have ever wanted to try your shot at trading OPM (Other People's Money) then this is the right place for you.

Apex Trading Funding has the simplest set of rules for Traders that pass their evaluation. You can even be live with a funded account in as little as 10 days. Highly recommend you checkout their website through the link here to see if it is right for you.

Many people in The Pit have gone to Apex Trader Funding and absultely love the experience!

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Edge Clear - Low monthly Fees + Low Commissions

Since Edge Clear began we have worked with them to provide Pit Specific pricing. They delivered in a big way. We have a dedicated page on the Edge Clear website I highly recommend Pit Members check out. Great round trip fee and excellent Custom Support. Edge Clear has quickly become a leader in the Broker community.

Visit the Edge Clear Pit website to learn more: Edge Clear Pit Web Page

Sierra Chart and The Pit

Sierra Chart

Over the years The Pit has developed quite the relationship with our friends at Sierra Chart. From Support to first ever access to new products, we work closely with Sierra Chart to provide support to our Members as well as special access to new and exciting updates to the charting platform.

This relationship has proven invaluable to everyone in The Pit over the years and given that Sierra Chart is the premiere charting platform in existence today, we look to have a strong relationship as we go forward in the future. Look for The Pit to be hosting webinars with Sierra Chart in the near future about exciting new product offerings.