Essentials of Order Flow Video Series

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The Essentials of Order Flow video series is a comprehensive deep dive covering the Volume Profile, Market Profile, Footprint, Time and Sales and The DOM. The first 15 videos cover the Tools of Order Flow and videos 16 through 31 covers the practical application of the Tools. This video series takes you from premarket preparation to trading off of support and resistance levels using Order Flow to enter trades and manage risk. Checkout the reviews. Course presented by Gary Hoover and Ross Bishop.

Essentials of Order Flow: 31 Part Video Series
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  • Juan Placas
    Pit Reviews

    Bish, all of the videos are diamonds. Because of my poor English, i must re watch them with subtitles, and is a none stop learning. If you are new at SC, you learn, if you are new at scalping with OF, you learn, if you are still weak on psychology, you learn, if you felt lonely on that, you learn and enjoy The Pit. Obviously, last sessions which put all together, are the cream. Gary insight also a plus. I wish i had come upon you and The Pit before blowing my entire account.... Will love to be around here for sure.

  • John
    Pit Reviews

    For me every session was brilliant learnt so much it’s a real pleasure being part of this group and to have Bish and Gary explain everything with great depth and making sure we understand it. I know it’s going to be tough when I start for real but sticking to what I’ve learnt I know I’m going to make it. Thank you Bish and Gary

  • Frank M
    Pit Reviews

    Again very hard to call out a particular session - I found them all to be excellent - It was a good example of how to cover lots of ground in an effective, and extremely informative way. If I had to pick one it would probably be the Footprint sessions - that was by far the best way I have seen this topic covered - already benefiting from what I have learned here - looking forward to more!

  • Why Ricky
    Pit Reviews

    The last so far was my favorite. Things are so much clearer than I thought it would be possible when signed up. Along with info on discord from others is beyond appreciated!

  • SamS
    Pit Reviews

    The video archive alone is worth hundreds of dollars. Great group. I am new to trading and have felt very welcome and questions always answered. Best money I have spent. Thank you Bish and Pit Family!

  • Simon
    Pit Reviews

    In his Essentials of order Flow, Bish gives in depth lessons thats go far beyond the basics. The book explains very detailed techniques and setups in an easy to visualize and understand way. You learn how to use tools like the footprint properly and a killer way to map areas of interest on the volume profile. I now look at my charts differently and have developed a systematic game plan. This book is short and sweet, no fluff. Best part for anyone who does read it, if you struggle with any concept or have any questions at all Bish helps explain via DM's

  • J Yates
    Pit Reviews

    Just watched November 12 YouTube again Bish and Gary brilliant going onto yesterday’s YouTube session been a busy last week working away but hoping to get on next Sunday live session. Again brilliant explanations of the charts learning so much thanks

  • Deaner
    Pit Reviews

    Appreciate all your help! I'm coming from trading more of stocks in play style with a price action focus, and my understanding and ability to read orderflow was not great. The order flow video sessions/ topics are organized well and compliment each other in an easy to follow manner. After just the first few sessions, along with listening in The Pits' zoom sessions, I started picking up some important details i had been overlooking. Thanks for all the help!

  • Georgesm
    Pit Reviews

    I love your course Bish, sessions are not too long, easy to understand and it gives enough time to assimilate, thank you!

  • JoeG
    Pit Reviews

    Random Musings is the book I wish I had when I started trading futures. It is both succinct enough to not feel like a chore to read, but long enough that you definitely get the point and see how it relates to the markets. Through these processes in the book, I have become consistently profitable and am well on my way of being able to trade for a living. Random musings will give you all the tools and context necessary to become consistently profitable and be able to read market generated information. One of the best books I have read on trading.

  • JohnY
    Pit Reviews

    Thanks for the way you are explaining everything in the course it’s making so much sense a lot better than my previous course I did.

  • David M
    Pit Reviews

    Musings from a Student of the Markets - Essentials of Order Flow" is written about seemingly complex and difficult concepts of the markets, but successfully dissects them into simplified and easy to understand explanations. The topics discussed give a behind the scenes look into what is driving or halting the price, what is waiting for you around the next corner and most importantly, what is going on real time. Candlesticks give the open, high, low and close, but do you know what is within that candlestick? Looking at candlesticks without the tools showing you order flow is like looking at a car without looking under the hood at the engine, the car may look fast, but the engine is what determines how it performs. Whether you have a profitable strategy or are blowing accounts, I believe everyone has something to gain from this book.

Essentials of Order Flow - The Footprint

Essentials of Order Flow - Putting It All Together