The Pit is an on-line Discord Community where Seasoned Traders and New Traders come together on a daily basis and trade Futures Markets, Equities, Options and more.

Are You New To Futures Trading? No problem! The Pit is an amazing place to interact with Traders of all experience levels. Whether trading Order Flow, Fibonacci, Mean Reversion or many other methods, The Pit is the right place for you to not only see what it is like to trade on a day to day basis but to learn from some of the best.

PMAAG, or Pit Mentoring and Accountability Group, focuses on Trader Psychology, Risk Management, Order Flow, Support and Resistance, Volume Profile Trading and Education. Utilizing the following tools, among others, to achieve consistent positive results trading Futures Markets: DOM, Time & Sales, Footprint, Volume Profile, Market Profile and Bollinger Bands for Mean Reversion.

Order Flow Tools


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Trading is lonely. Sign up today and get plugged into an amazing group of Traders. Regardless of where you are in the World there is bound to be Pit Members from the same area / region. Whether you trade RTH or GBX The Pit has Members working together with a common goal of achieving greater success in trading.


Live Market Commentary and ES / NQ Trade Screens

From 7AM CST through RTH Close The Pit is live streaming, without delay, via Zoom (ES) and Discord (NQ) in 1080P format while providing Live Market Commentary. Watch trades happen live with detailed explanation of the market conditions that lead to the trade as well as the exit of the trade.


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Every week The Pit Futures Trading hosts open group webinars where anything trade related is on the table for discussion. From trade setups and methodologies to trade psychology, this is where our Membership comes together to learn from each other and share to others.


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Once you are in The Pit you can take advantage of the relationships we have made with Brokers like Ironbeam and EdgeClear. We have secured some of the best round trip fees available for Traders available from major Brokers. Also enjoy shared Chart Books and an extensive Knowledge Base from our Members. Not to mention we are one of the largest groups of Sierra Chart SMEs in existence.

consistency is a state of mind that, once achieved, won't allow you to "be" any other way.


The Pit Futures Trading Discord Community aims to be everything you need to to take your trading to the next level!

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